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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Attitude and Life…


The Nancy and I are attending a conference at Virginia Tech this week. While I was out exploring the campus here that I had not been on since the late 1990s, Nancy attended a session with a speaker whose theme was “Attitude.” I have some thoughts on this, even though I did not hear the guy speak. The Nancy told me he offered that one’s attitude greatly affects others who happen to be nearby. I wholeheartedly agree.

How many times have all of us been in the presence of someone with a crappy attitude that just made us miserable, brought a bad vibe to group? If I asked for a show of hands in a crowded room, I bet there would be 100% participation. People affect people. Similarly, if you are with someone who is cheerful and happy the overall mood in the room is cheerful and happy. Human nature, I suppose but nonetheless true.

I have always, well perhaps not always, but certainly for a very long time, known I am 100% in charge of my attitude. 100%! I can choose to be happy, if even things don’t go my way, or I can choose to be a dick and drag everyone’s attitude to my level.

Now, most of the time…99.9% of it, I am happy as hell, but I have to laugh, which I often do, when I am in the car alone as I talk to myself about the other drivers on the road with me. It works this way, Mr. 100% in Charge of Attitude, if they are driving faster than I they are assholes; however, if slower than I they are idiots. These people should go park their vehicles and toss the keys in the garbage.

I must admit today my attitude is high, 100%, and because I will it, it will remain at that level.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Friday, May 04, 2018

Spring is in the Air, and Other Stuff.


This is without doubt my favorite time of the year. Spring, a time of renewal, of rebirth.

The fruit trees are beginning to flower, the oaks and maples are showing a little green. Red Bud is full out. Love, too, is in the air. Wild turkeys are singing their “mating song,” as are the peepers (toads) and birds are joining in with their own, too. Soon it will be time to bring the rockers and plants to the porch. This is my time.

Spring also brings some drudge work. Mowing, for one. I have one mowing under my belt thus far, and about fifteen or so to go this season. I mow about eight acres, and that eight acres takes about five hours. I once figured it takes about as much time for me to mow as it would for me to drive to Cleveland or New York City. Such is the price I pay to live here on The Farm.

Just yesterday I tilled my garden space getting it ready for planting which is just days away now. My advancing age was evidenced by how miserably tired I was after just a few hours…so much so when I showered I was too tired to shave making me look a lot like Grizzly Adams. I do not have the stamina I once had. I certainly did not yesterday, though I can attribute some of that to the 91-degree temperature here that was quite unusual for May 3rd.

Today is “Take it Easy” day. My extensive schedule calls for me to sit in my favorite chair musing in idle thought, thinking of all those chores and tasks I need to get to, but, then, what’s the hurry?

And that is all I have to say about that… 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

So I Found this Shirt…


A few years ago, perhaps four, maybe even five, I ordered this custom-made t-shirt. The front of the shirt had my name printed on it three times in varying font sizes. The back of the shirt had a photograph of a painting The Nancy and I had made with our faces and the bodies and background of the classic “American Gothic” (it hang in our family room) and my http://www.hell-of-a-guy.com website printed on it below the picture. It was pretty cool, least I thought it was, it was also a size XL.

As time passed, the shirt began to get a little tight and form fitting as my body got a little larger and the shirt did not. I put the shirt away.

Well here I am 60 days into a Weight Watchers program and about 25lbs lighter. I was rummaging through my closet the other day, and lo and behold this shirt surfaced. I tried in on and it fits very well, so well, in fact, I have decided to adorn it once again; however, this presents me with a little issue. I have not been keeping the blog going very well. Yes, I have posted a piece here and there, but not consistently. If I intend to wear the shirt, and I intend to wear the shirt, then I must keep the website going and post some of my good old bullshit on it. That said, it is now my intent to do so.

That said, here is the first of what I hope will be many posts – some that might piss a reader or two off, others to make the reader laugh or think. Maybe one or two to make the reader tear up. I hope so, anyway.

Be on the lookout for some crap to come your way. Check back from time to time to see if this Hell of a Guy has lived up to his commitment. In the meantime, I am going to rest my weary brain with a short nap.

And that is all I have to say about that…

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sunrise and Weight Loss


This morning in the solarium of our house on The Farm I got to enjoy the rays of the rising sun dancing with an early morning frost on the lawn. Glittering, as the sun rose higher above the eastern horizon the frost was soon gone, but I was entertained. Perhaps I just have a small, easily amused mine, I just love sunrise. It is to be a nice pre-spring day here in West Virginia with the daytime temperature hitting the 57-degree mark, maybe even low 60s. We are moving into my favorite season of the year - spring.

This is a good time of the year to be dieting, too, and I am deep into it. The Nancy and I began this program, Weight Watchers Freestyle, on February 13th, just five weeks ago. I have enjoyed a significant loss. The Nancy is losing, as well, but a little more slowly. I am hoping, and this may sound a little weird, to slow my weight loss by taking in more calories. The Nancy is having me cut her portions some. We are committed to this until the end of June.

Thus far I have trimmed over tad over 20lbs from my formerly obese body, and I really needed to do so. My Tommy Hilfiger jeans were getting tighter and tighter, and pinching me where I didn’t like it. I have, with the weight loss, begun to try on some of the “B” wardrobe and to my surprise some of the jeans with a smaller waistline and now wearable. Yippee!

So, summer is on the horizon and I am thinner. It will be “Speedo” weather soon and I will be ready.

And that is all I have to say about that.

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